Ecomosque is a unique and exciting project, that will function as a Mosque, community hub and centre of educational excellence, where the true essence of Islam will live and breathe, pushing back the darkness of ignorance. It is the first Masjid in the UK that will be built on a UK University campus.

Ecomosque was designed by students of the University of Salford through a competition run the University of Salford’s School of the Built Environment. Designed with the highest precision and ecological standard by Hamera Farooq the winning student designer, the Ecomosque will be a landmark located on the Crescent in Salford, which is one of the most prestigious locations in the city; Salford is now home to the BBC’s flagship centre MediaCityUK.

Ecomosque will function as a gateway site into Greater Manchester’s higher education establishment and create a cultural quarter within the University of Salford’s campus.  The Ecomosque enjoys the complete support of the USSU (University of Salford Students’ Union), and the University Council.

Ecomosque is a once-in-a-lifetime project that will renew the faith’s commitment to the environment and leave a lasting legacy in both architecture and education for generations to come.

The landmark Ecomosque design is aesthetically pleasing, flexible in use, ecological and it will be economic to run. It will be designed and built to the highest standards commensurate with its central location and the nature of the building.

The Ecomosque design, and the design process used, will be ecological and the masjid will have high thermal mass adaptable to regulate its heat.

Water is an essential part of the workings of any mosque. However, for Ecomosque this will be taken further due to its ecological imperative. Water must be harnessed naturally and reused wherever possible. The building will possess the spirit of water.

Light plays a key role in any mosque. The Ecomosque design will be imbued with the essence of light and make use of its ability to dispel darkness all year round.

A Courtyard space is essential for gatherings and gives sense of community and will be required in summer and winter.

Ecomosque will comprise the following architectural elements:

  • Prayer Halls for men and women
  • Space for 500 male worshippers 200 female – 4 times the current capacity
  • Multi-use Rooms: Multipurpose Rooms, Committee room
  • Kitchen and Catering facility
  • A Courtyard and fountain